ServicePriceAdditional Info
Pasture Board$500/monthIncludes: Group turnout, Free choice hay OR pasture, Grain ration 
Full Board$750/monthIncludes: Group turnout, Free choice hay OR pasture, Grain ration, 11x12 Stall
Training BoardInquirePrice available upon request, may differ depending on work needing to be done

     HFPC offers boarding options for both polo ponies and horses of various other disciplines! During the winter months we offer turnout in vinyl fenced paddocks, with run-in shelter and nelson heated auto waterers in small groups of 2-3 horses. Everyone has 24/7 access to quality 1st or 2nd cut hay depending on their nutritional needs which is included in boarding price. We also supply Poulin Grain for our boarding horses, however if an owner chooses to supply their own grain we can discuss how that will be reflected in monthly board costs. Spring/Summer/Fall boarding horses will have access to rotational 24/7 pasture grazing, unless otherwise discussed with owner. 

     Boarding horses at HFPC will be under supervision by our farm manager who lives on property, as well as direct access to veterinary care from Dr. Charles "Charlie" Hutchinson of Cardigan Veterinary Clinic. Farrier services for boarding horses can be offered by our farms farrier, or can be scheduled with a farrier of the owners choosing, however all appointments must be discussed with manager prior to being set. 

    Please note we do accommodate giving supplements, medications, medical treatments, and blanketing of horses in our care, each instance will be discussed with owner and may come at additional cost depending on service needed. 


What We Offer:

Polo & Riding Lessons                                   Boarding
ARENA & OUTDOOR POLO                                  Training

POLO PRACTICE & GAMES                                   Horse Rentals